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Psychology Brain Intro   Tags: brain, neuroscience, psychology, sleep  

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During this project, you will have opportunity to explore the facts and mysteries of the human brain.  You will have access to several media resources including iPads, computers, and text sources.  All of your work must be completed before the end of the hour on our last exploration day.  PACE YOURSELF and REMEMBER OUR FIRST ARTICLE ON PROCRASTINATION!   There are three separate components to this guided exploration:

1)      A web-based search and discover will earn you participation points toward your psychology grade. (Can be done on computer or iPad)

2)      Questions based on the three different Psychsim 5 modules will be submitted as an assignment and graded for accuracy. (MUST be done on a computer - easiest on a desktop)

3)      The reading guide/study guide will help you prepare for your assessments (project & test) on basic neuroscience.

Web-Based Search and Discover Links

These are the links you need to access for the first portion of this exploration.

  • The Teenage Brain: Why We Sleep
    This link examines why teens sleep so differently than other people. Read the first several sections and explain what the research says about teens and sleep.
  • The Brain in 3-D Form
    NOTE: If you are using an iPad, use the 3D Brain app instead of this site.

    Play with the simulation to get a feel for the brain and how parts relate to one another. Do this and read the descriptions on the left of the page. Spend about five minutes doing this. Name three specific things you learned about the brain by using this tool.
  • Brain Scans
    This link explains in detail and great color just how science can scan the brain. WHAT does each do and HOW does it achieve its measurement of the brain.
  • Brains in the News
    Choose one of the articles and give a four-to-six sentence summary of its contents.
  • Topic of Your Choice
    Scan the article titles on this page. Make a list of topics (at least 6 separate ones) the magazine is currently offering.
  • The Myth of Left vs. Right Brain
    You have probably heard about this topic at some point in your life. Are some people more “left-brained” thinkers? What exactly does it mean to be “right-brained”? Read this short article and create a mini-report (write a paragraph summary on article’s topics).
  • Sheep Brain Dissection
    This link takes you through the dissection of a sheep brain and the connection to that of a human brain. Please take key notes (at least 8) that are important to understand the brain.
  • The Unsolved Mysteries
    This page lists 10 mysteries of the brain neuroscientists still cannot conclusively answer. Begin by recording the 10 mysteries in the space below. Then choose one of the topics, read that section and summarize it in the final space.
  • OPTIONAL: Optical Illusions Sites
    Go to the links and experience the world of optical illusions. What do you see—what illusions grab your attention and why
  • Your Amazing Brain
    An additional optical illusion site to explore.

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