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photo of new seating

In the fall of 2017, the PTA generously donated money to the LMC for new seating. Students often come to the library to do a mix of things: to relax, to do homework, to quietly catch up with a friend and to read. Additionally, students and staff have indicated that students need a space to do group work. Our aim was to provide a comfortable space within the library that will fulfill each of those needs.

The addition of the portable whiteboard will provide students with the opportunity to collaborate more effectively. Two of the ottomans have laminate tops which are designed for laptops or books. The other two ottomans double as extra seats. They are lightweight and easily be moved by students.   

A huge thanks to the PTA!

Grace Baik, a 2017 WFBHS graduate, illustrated this new banner for the LMC website. When Grace and I started working together on this idea, she had many fitting illustrations to offer. However, I suspected that this particular illustration was her first response to how she views books and libraries.

Having known Grace as an elementary student, I knew that she was a voracious reader. I recall that she often checked out the maximum amount of books each week but if given the opportunity, she would have checked out more. She was always open to any book suggestion I had to offer. Basically, if was in book form, Grace would read it. This is, ultimately, why I selected this image. I knew that it came from Grace. I knew that it was a reflection of her feelings toward the act of reading.  As Grace explains, " I wanted the illustration to reflect a traveller that loves both her journey and her destination."